The good purpose

Just like the first time, the Swiss Heart Foundation will be the beneficiary. Benefiting the Swiss Heart Foundation is a personal concern of mine. My family had to suffer severe strokes of fate in the past. My grandfather, whom I unfortunately never had the chance to meet (he died at the age of 38), and my uncle died much too early from cardiovascular diseases. The Swiss Heart Foundation is committed to reducing the number of people suffering from cardiovascular disease or stroke, primarily in the form of prevention and education of the population. However, it also invests its commitment in cardiovascular research, advice and support for those affected and their relatives. For further information, go to: Donations from the proceeds of my event will be earmarked for the "Herz-Loipen" fund. The so-called Herz-Loipen are short circuits without gradients. Especially for heart patients, the "Herz-Loipen" offer a very good opportunity to stay physically active. Each track has a cross-country ski school and ski rental on site. In addition, the trails are equipped with an automatic external defibrillator (AED). More about this at:

Via : you can donate a contribution on behalf of Tras Scuol even without participating as a runner or supplementary.

Photo: "Herz-Loipe" Davos